Thanks for coming to the “FUN” Raiser!

Congratulations to Suzy, MacGuyver, Ed, Ready, Furry Chris, Glow Girl, and all the others who all won something in our FUN Raiser Raffle!!

A big thanks to Cowboy for bringing the Bedrock Racer, Stacy, & Spanky for staffing the bar, HOTD for loaning the Playatech bars, Ed as Masseuse, Katrina for 24hr support, the fire artists, and all those anonymous donors that flooded the PartySnail coffers with donations for the raffle, bacon wrapped Hot Dogs, and Pina Coladas!

That was a lot of fun and we raise just a little more than $1200.00. This will go toward storage, transport, gas, and lighting. We can’t do it with out the support and help of all the members of our community! The focus now is making it happen!

2012 Theme: Fertility 2.0

With both DangerRanger and Playa Info saying the same thing, I am lead to believe it. It seems the theme for Burning Man 2012 will be Fertility 2.0

Be it birthing the ideologies of Burning Man into the world or how we bring our ideas to life at Burning Man, I think this is an exciting theme! Being pregnant with an idea or thought, carrying it with you, sharing it with others, allowing it to develop until it’s finally ready, and exerting great efforts to bring it to life, this really speaks to how many art projects, like the PartySnail, come into being.

How will the PartySnail incorporate this theme? Comment and discuss your thoughts and ideas!