Make a Donation

I am sure, by now, you have asked yourself, ‘how can I help the PartySnail?’

There are lots of ways to help the PartySnail, including and not limited to working on improvements, donating supplies, and making financial donations. Donations help make the PartySnail great and help get it to more events like Burning Man, Decompression, and Maker Faire. Donations go toward:

  • Storage Costs
  • Fuel Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • New Supplies
As you can imagine, storage, transportation, and fuel become our biggest obstacles for the PartySnail. If you want to join in the work days, we are glad to have you. If you have something you’d like to donate for the PartySnail to use, please let us know. If you’re not able to work and don’t have some supplies, you can make a donation via PayPal here at any time.

A Special Book Offer!

Special copies of the book, Strangers Have the Best Candy, are available and the proceeds go to the PartySnail. You can help the PartySnail by ordering a copy! Here’s the link: Party Snail BENEFIT – Strangers Have the Best Candy. The book’s on Amazon, but these copies will be mailed directly from the author, with autograph, and original doodle.


You may know about Huggy Bear’s Chair and thought to yourself, ‘it might be nice to sponsor some part of the PartySnail.’ Now you can! More details to come soon.
  • Dance Pole sponsored by “Scout”
  • Antennae sponsored by “More!”
  • Left Side Seat sponsored by “BagelFather”