Thank You, Burning Man 2014!

Part of the reward is seeing it all come together and hearing people reactions. People are thankful and surprise me with gifts when I am able to give them a ride. I hear this pretty often, “I have never ridden on an art car before,” or, “no art car has ever stopped for me before.” Their smiling faces as they hop on the tailgate or in a side seat and ask, “where are we going?” I know they are really saying, “whatever adventure you’re taking meon, I am glad to have a ride.”

A lot of work goes into getting everything ready, before the event, getting to the event, during the event, and after. Co-workers ask, “why so much effort to just spend a few days in the desert?” I think you know the answer.

Re-entry can be harsh, yet it also is a wonderful part of the whole experience. Sharing tales of things with other burners and moreso these days, seeing photos from other burners. Look what Rollins Stones posted, a Photo by Scott London, that includes both Joyism and the PartySnail!20140829_08300720140829_083032

Fundraiser BBQ

Come out for a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog! We will be selling these bacon wrapped hot dogs as a fund raising item. No work involved! Hot dogs will be for sale from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, $15 a dog.

All proceeds from the hot dog sales will benefit the PartySnail. We have collected over $700 dollars and are still trying to reach our goal of $2200! Every hot dog helps!

Making a PartySnail Part 4

Have not been able to capture many photos so much from the few work days I have attended. So to me, it doesn’t feel like so much progress, yet when I compare them to the last photos I posted, I can really see the progress.

Party Snail 070909 Front ViewParty Snail 070909 Front View
Still working out the Hood Dance Platform supports. Left long for now. Cut always cut more away, hard to put it back after cutting.
Party Snail 070909 Generator ShelfParty Snail 070909 Generator Shelf
The front area will house the 5000 Kw gas generator and engine cooling fan. Above will be the Dance Pole and platform just above the hood.
Party Snail 070909 Left SideParty Snail 070909 Left Side
Imagine in your mind, a bench seat hanging off the left covering the rear wheel. We have hanging hardware and bench seats that will be added when we arrive on playa.
Party Snail 070909 Dance PlatformParty Snail 070909 Dance Platform
The Dance platform being painted. This will go in place over the hood, with some hinged ability to allow for engine access if needed.
Party Snail 070909 Hood ViewParty Snail 070909 Hood View
Standing up on the top platform, looking down on the section of the hood that the dance platform will sit.
Party Snail 070909 Inside CabParty Snail 070909 Inside Cab
It’s Pink! Oh so pink! Hard to see the “lounge” area that is now in the right-hand side of the cab. A control switch box will be placed against the ceiling. Stereo equipment up behind the driver’s seat.

Making a PartySnail Part 3

Half Platform from rearHalf Platform from rear
With one side of the platform built, you can almost see how the lower snuggle area will come together.
Half Platform Front ViewHalf Platform Front View
The front posts were the hardest to cut and place. Many odd angles. Thanks to Gidget for her awesome cuts!
Welding in placeWelding in place
After all our welding, we test with one of the platforms. More cross braces will need to be put in and the platform needs to be bolted to the frame, yet it’s good!

Making a PartySnail Part 2

We got together for a short work day yesterday. Six of us came together and actually got some work done! Plan on working more Sunday.

Cut AwayCut Away
Wristy cuts away half the dash to make room for the mini-lounge.
Board UpBoard Up
Wristy has installed a backing for the mini-lounge.
Grind DownGrind Down
Root works on grinding clean the section of the truck we plan to weld a post to.
Plate InPlate In
Van works on making sure the plate of metal we plan to use will fit properly before cutting.
Hard at work.Hard at work.
(Wristy in the truck) sCary, Root, Van, and Mr. Cool all working. You can see the 4 platform peices off to the right. Each is 40″ x 96″ and will make up the 160″ total platform when constructed side by side.