The Bacon Wrapped BBQ PartySnail FUNraiser

What: The Bacon Wrapped BBQ PartySnail FUNraiser
When: Saturday June 7th 2:00 PM
Where: Lucky Linda’s house, Santa Clara, CA
PartySnail Stencil 01
You’ve been waiting for this event and now it’s here! Come out for a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, swimming, hot tub’n, and some afternoon fun in the sun! These premium bacon wrapped hot dogs are available to all those who make donations toward the PartySnail! Already made a donation?? You’re still welcome to come out and get one as thanks!
This event precedes the Silicon Village Camp Meeting and is at the same location. Friends of friends are welcome to attend the BBQ. So if you’re attending the SV Meeting, you’re already there!
Please be mindful that this is a private home and a Leave No Trace event. Bring towels if you plan to swim.
Remember: special copies of the book, Strangers Have the Best Candy, are directly available to Villagers, and the proceeds go to the Snail. Can’t make it out? You can help the Snail by ordering a copy! Here’s the link: Party Snail BENEFIT – Strangers Have the Best Candy. The book’s on Amazon, but these copies will be mailed directly from the author, with autograph, and original doodle.

Thanks for coming to the “FUN” Raiser!

Congratulations to Suzy, MacGuyver, Ed, Ready, Furry Chris, Glow Girl, and all the others who all won something in our FUN Raiser Raffle!!

A big thanks to Cowboy for bringing the Bedrock Racer, Stacy, & Spanky for staffing the bar, HOTD for loaning the Playatech bars, Ed as Masseuse, Katrina for 24hr support, the fire artists, and all those anonymous donors that flooded the PartySnail coffers with donations for the raffle, bacon wrapped Hot Dogs, and Pina Coladas!

That was a lot of fun and we raise just a little more than $1200.00. This will go toward storage, transport, gas, and lighting. We can’t do it with out the support and help of all the members of our community! The focus now is making it happen!

PartySnail “FUN” Raiser

When: July 21st, 2012
Time: 1:00pm to 10:00pm
Where: Double Dutch’s place 394 East Eaglewood Ave. Sunnyvale
What: A “FUN” Raiser for the PartySnail Art Car

This is a Leave No Trace Event. In addition to BBQ, you are welcome to bring pot luck items and drinks.

Donations Engines:
Specialty Drinks: (pudding shots, Mixed drink)
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs/Links/Sausages
Tip Jar for the Bands

Live Music: Open Stage, Band Sets
Fire Art
Party Snail Art
Other Art Cars (Potentially)

PartySnail Spring BBQ Fundraiser

Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly.

– Ivan Turgenev (Russian author 1818-1883)

Hello PartySnailers!

Come out for a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog and other BBQ’d treats! We will be selling these bacon wrapped hot dogs as a fund raising item. No work involved! Hot dogs will be for sale for $15 a dog. We will also be offering some other treats those who are not interested in hot dogs.

All proceeds from the hot dog sales will benefit the PartySnail. These funds go toward storage, transport, and improvements. There is no way to know how we will get the PartySnail out to the playa just yet. Everyone is working on settling their ticket needs.

What: PartySnail Spring BBQ Fundraiser

When: Sun., March 25th 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Root’s (Private Address – Add PartySnail on Facebook for event details.)

I look forward to seeing you!

Poll: What Fundraiser should the Party Snail have next?

Please take some time to answer this poll. I want to host another Fundraiser in early March. If you don’t like any of the answers, please submit your ideas in the comments! Thanks!

What type of fundraiser should the Party Snail through next?

  • BBQ (Bacon wrapped...) (70%, 14 Votes)
  • Costume Party (25%, 5 Votes)
  • Not so Silent Auction (5%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 20

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2012 Theme: Fertility 2.0

With both DangerRanger and Playa Info saying the same thing, I am lead to believe it. It seems the theme for Burning Man 2012 will be Fertility 2.0

Be it birthing the ideologies of Burning Man into the world or how we bring our ideas to life at Burning Man, I think this is an exciting theme! Being pregnant with an idea or thought, carrying it with you, sharing it with others, allowing it to develop until it’s finally ready, and exerting great efforts to bring it to life, this really speaks to how many art projects, like the PartySnail, come into being.

How will the PartySnail incorporate this theme? Comment and discuss your thoughts and ideas!

JRS: Mutant Vehicle Exhibition July 2012

Caught this in the latest Jack Rabbit Speaks:


The National Automobile Museum in Reno NV, is hosting an exhibition of Mutant Vehicles, including the very first Mutant Vehicle brought to the playa by our very own Danger Ranger.  The exhibit will be on display through July 2012, so you’ll have to catch it before your trip to BRC!  More info at:  (Hot tip about this museum: there are costumes and clothing on display as well – cool stuff!)” – Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks, Volume 16, Issue #4

Now that sure sounds interesting! Anyone interested in going?

Fundraiser BBQ

Come out for a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog! We will be selling these bacon wrapped hot dogs as a fund raising item. No work involved! Hot dogs will be for sale from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, $15 a dog.

All proceeds from the hot dog sales will benefit the PartySnail. We have collected over $700 dollars and are still trying to reach our goal of $2200! Every hot dog helps!

Looking for Artists Assistance

We need visuals here people! In trying to describe the the way the snail will look on playa, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Problem is, we’re not very good at making a picture of what hasn’t been finished. So we thought maybe someone who wants to help can help with that!

I have created a PDF with illustrations of the Party Snail in it’s current form. You can download this and printout, color, draw, sketch, crayon or whatever you like with them! We want to visually show:

  • Our new foot design (That extends from nose to tail)
  • Some meshing or netting that obscures the upper cab of the truck & shows an almost connection from shell to foot
  • Shows some new Stalks
  • Looks snaily in the foot, spreading wider at the bottom than at the top
I attached a drawing that is very rough and does not give a lot of good perspective. Please follow the link below or download the attached PDF. Please, we want you to be creative and express how you think the snail should look. We’re all way to close to the snail to be able to have visions beyond our boxes.

PartySnail Line Drawin PDF

A rough hand drawing of what the PartySnail could look like.