Mardi Gras Night, A Night Under the Stars, and more!

As we look forward to Carnival of Mirrors, one must take time to reflect upon what driving a mutant vehicle is like. What do you do to give back to the people who ride your mutant vehicle. It’s this reflection that brings forward new ideas and happy memories.

Mardi Gras Night

Imagine driving along the playa, carnival mask on, beads in hand under bright lights and great music. The PartySnail plans to host a Mardi Gras night this year on playa. Like a slow moving float, riders will get beads and masks to pass out to others. Costumes are encouraged but not required! So get your Purple, Gold, and Green out and lets have a fun night out on playa. We might even have to pick a King or Queen for the night. More details to come.

A Night under the Stars

As the party wanes and your feet are tired, you have to take yourself back to camp. What if you didn’t? What if you the PartySnail was parked nearby, ready to let you lay out and view the stars. Come join in a late night sleep over and and wake up with the sun. More details to come.

How do we make it happen?

If we’re going to return to the playa this year, we need to do some fundraising. We will be working to raise about $2500 to cover new lights, perform engine maintenance, buy new tires, and transport the PartySnail to the playa again this year. We hope to have a Bacon Wrapped BBQ Hot Dog fundraiser and some type of fun Auction where you may be able to rent an Owner for a day or bid on some other items. You can also still sponser a part on the PartySnail. For example, you can sponser the air in a tire or a side seat.

We also want to find a way to show our appreciation to the community of people that help make the PartySnail awesome! We are always looking for ideas, so don’t be shy! If you think you want to help out, have an idea, or have a way to donate materials, please leave a comment.

Work Days?

Yes! We will be transporting the PartySnail down to a warehouse in Watsonville so that we can work on the shell, add lights, maintain the engine, and get lots of work done. We expect work days to start in March or April so we can get all our work done early.

If you have ideas, please let us know!

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