Thank You, Burning Man 2014!

Part of the reward is seeing it all come together and hearing people reactions. People are thankful and surprise me with gifts when I am able to give them a ride. I hear this pretty often, “I have never ridden on an art car before,” or, “no art car has ever stopped for me before.” Their smiling faces as they hop on the tailgate or in a side seat and ask, “where are we going?” I know they are really saying, “whatever adventure you’re taking meon, I am glad to have a ride.”

A lot of work goes into getting everything ready, before the event, getting to the event, during the event, and after. Co-workers ask, “why so much effort to just spend a few days in the desert?” I think you know the answer.

Re-entry can be harsh, yet it also is a wonderful part of the whole experience. Sharing tales of things with other burners and moreso these days, seeing photos from other burners. Look what Rollins Stones posted, a Photo by Scott London, that includes both Joyism and the PartySnail!20140829_08300720140829_083032

One thought on “Thank You, Burning Man 2014!

  1. Working on the snail was tons of fun and I never did get to ride during the burn. I\’m perfectly okay with this knowing that so many other people got to enjoy a ride. We only have 360 days before the man burns, it\’s time to get to work again!

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