Happy Holidays from the PartySnail

As we steer toward the close of 2013, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the year. For the PartySnail, there are a few notable moments throughout the year. The burn in 2013 was another great year. It was also the last burn for one of our owners.

We had some stow-a-ways again this year when the PartySnail arrived on playa. Paper wasps had found their way into a few spots. This was difficult to deal with on playa and it had to be done. Unpacking everything, we also found that a large rip had been created in the white shell material. It was clear that a new shell must be arranged.

Assembly went quick and it’s always great to help from friends both old and new. The new LED Driving lights were a great improvement. The dance floor covering did not weather well and was unable to be used. A large rip was also found in the shell. Outside of this, we had few problems and a few nice additions.

As the new year approaches, we also will look back on the years past with our friend MacGyver. How do you celebrate someone? By doing all the things they loved with as much energy as you can! I hope he will look down on the PartySnail in 2014 and cheer us on.

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