A Snailing we will go…

“Happy snailing to all!” – Tripod

Our little PartySnail sits, waiting, for us to come and prep it for Burning Man. We need to check it’s tires, fluids, and lights. We hope she was not too cold out in Reno this winter.

I know a lot of you have asked about helping and when help can be participated in. I think many of you can understand that life has been rather full for so many of us this year. We all want to make the best of it. Between moving, finding jobs, preparing, and getting the job done we find ourselves a little over a month away from the burn.

So, to the point! How can you help?

1. Send Money!

Why? So we can buy gas, fluids, and lights. We also have paid through for storage. We will need to arrange for our driver to get the snail to the event and get the snail around. If you want to donate gas on playa, please let me know ahead of time so I can keep a tally.

2. Head out out to Reno!

When? Any time you might be able to. We need to head out to Reno and I can’t go. The other owners may have some time to go, yet I am have weekend work I have to stick around town for right now. The snail needs to be checked on, started up, cleaned where it can be, organized, and prepped for the ride into the burn. If you can carpool out to Reno and want to help out, let me know.

3. Help construct/take down the PartySnail on playa.

Lots of hands make light work and the Snail is no different. Most of it’s construction is pretty easy overall and there are just a few parts to put together. If you plan to be on playa pre-event or toward the end, you can help be a part of the build crew or take down crew.

So thanks to all of you have asked about how you can help and when we will be doing things. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I am so glad that this community help make the PartySnail possible and continues to do so!

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