Looking for Artists Assistance

We need visuals here people! In trying to describe the the way the snail will look on playa, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Problem is, we’re not very good at making a picture of what hasn’t been finished. So we thought maybe someone who wants to help can help with that!

I have created a PDF with illustrations of the Party Snail in it’s current form. You can download this and printout, color, draw, sketch, crayon or whatever you like with them! We want to visually show:

  • Our new foot design (That extends from nose to tail)
  • Some meshing or netting that obscures the upper cab of the truck & shows an almost connection from shell to foot
  • Shows some new Stalks
  • Looks snaily in the foot, spreading wider at the bottom than at the top
I attached a drawing that is very rough and does not give a lot of good perspective. Please follow the link below or download the attached PDF. Please, we want you to be creative and express how you think the snail should look. We’re all way to close to the snail to be able to have visions beyond our boxes.

PartySnail Line Drawin PDF

A rough hand drawing of what the PartySnail could look like.

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