Who Owns the PartySnail

I’m here to tell you: The Party Snail was purchased by a group of 5 investors who pooled the funds and approached Van with a proposal which, happily, he accepted. The new owners are Wristy, Twisty, Christian, MacGyver and KathyKat, and we are very very proud!

The Snail needs a face lift of sorts, it is desperate for a tune up and maybe a bit of other mechanical necessities, and we are still in the registration process with the Default World DMV before we even attempt to approach the BRC DMV!! Word from the Playa last year was that The Snail passed for the 2009 event, but for 2010 it would have to “look less like a truck with pink fur on it” at the base. This is one of the major things we will be working on – fabricating a Snail foot – as well as trying to get it as mechanically sound as possible.

We’d love to get The Snail out to the April 17th Burning Jam/Snail FunRazor if the Fates allow! We are also working on having it make an appearance at The Maker Faire in May. They are very interested in having it be exhibited there if we can get everything rolling in time. Job One is getting her Playa-ready though, that is our main goal!

With that goal in mind, we would like to salute Van’s vision of The Party Snail. Yes, it was ambitious, took many twists and turns along the way, and it needed a bit more testing…but those last few days on the Playa showed the incredible promise of The Snail. The five of us wish to thank Van for his original creation and the Burner Community for all the everything they also put into the project last year.

We would like to offer our humble thanks as well to Rupert for offering to host an event that helps us defray the costs we are facing as we gear up for Metropolis. Thank you all in advance for donating any funds to that end, and we look forward to announcing future work days as we get her ship shape!!

Thanks everybody!!!

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