The PartySnail 2016!

Greetings all Party Snailians – past, present, and future! Come Snail away with us!!

We are very pleased to announce that the PartySnail has been invited to return to the Playa for the 2016 event year in Black Rock City!!

DMV Hotties never let us rest on our laurels. They want us to strive each year for better and more. Help us help the Party Snail make this another amazing year! We hope to make the lights bigger, brighter, and more colorful.

The Party Snail wishes to thank everyone for their ongoing support in this endeavor as we welcome the community to get involved! We aim to serve all of our beloved Silicon Villagers and any new friends we happen to meet in BRC as well. To that end, we will have upcoming announcements shortly in regard to fund raising parties and work days!

Should you wish to donate directly to the Party Snail fund, please do so at:

Thanks everyone!

Mardi Gras Night, A Night Under the Stars, and more!

As we look forward to Carnival of Mirrors, one must take time to reflect upon what driving a mutant vehicle is like. What do you do to give back to the people who ride your mutant vehicle. It’s this reflection that brings forward new ideas and happy memories.

Mardi Gras Night

Imagine driving along the playa, carnival mask on, beads in hand under bright lights and great music. The PartySnail plans to host a Mardi Gras night this year on playa. Like a slow moving float, riders will get beads and masks to pass out to others. Costumes are encouraged but not required! So get your Purple, Gold, and Green out and lets have a fun night out on playa. We might even have to pick a King or Queen for the night. More details to come.

A Night under the Stars

As the party wanes and your feet are tired, you have to take yourself back to camp. What if you didn’t? What if you the PartySnail was parked nearby, ready to let you lay out and view the stars. Come join in a late night sleep over and and wake up with the sun. More details to come.

How do we make it happen?

If we’re going to return to the playa this year, we need to do some fundraising. We will be working to raise about $2500 to cover new lights, perform engine maintenance, buy new tires, and transport the PartySnail to the playa again this year. We hope to have a Bacon Wrapped BBQ Hot Dog fundraiser and some type of fun Auction where you may be able to rent an Owner for a day or bid on some other items. You can also still sponser a part on the PartySnail. For example, you can sponser the air in a tire or a side seat.

We also want to find a way to show our appreciation to the community of people that help make the PartySnail awesome! We are always looking for ideas, so don’t be shy! If you think you want to help out, have an idea, or have a way to donate materials, please leave a comment.

Work Days?

Yes! We will be transporting the PartySnail down to a warehouse in Watsonville so that we can work on the shell, add lights, maintain the engine, and get lots of work done. We expect work days to start in March or April so we can get all our work done early.

If you have ideas, please let us know!

Thank You, Burning Man 2014!

Part of the reward is seeing it all come together and hearing people reactions. People are thankful and surprise me with gifts when I am able to give them a ride. I hear this pretty often, “I have never ridden on an art car before,” or, “no art car has ever stopped for me before.” Their smiling faces as they hop on the tailgate or in a side seat and ask, “where are we going?” I know they are really saying, “whatever adventure you’re taking meon, I am glad to have a ride.”

A lot of work goes into getting everything ready, before the event, getting to the event, during the event, and after. Co-workers ask, “why so much effort to just spend a few days in the desert?” I think you know the answer.

Re-entry can be harsh, yet it also is a wonderful part of the whole experience. Sharing tales of things with other burners and moreso these days, seeing photos from other burners. Look what Rollins Stones posted, a Photo by Scott London, that includes both Joyism and the PartySnail!20140829_08300720140829_083032

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog BBQ Wrap-up!

That was an amazing BBQ! I can’t speak for everyone yet I really enjoyed myself, enjoyed the food, and enjoyed the company! The hot tub was hot and the pool was PERFECT!

Did you get a chance to look at Strangers Have the Best Candy? Thanks to Mist’r Cool and Dr. Mmm for bringing their copies out to share. Want you’re own copy? Check out this link:

So I guess you want to know how we did? We raised $583! That puts the total collected over $2,400.00!

2014 Funding 2400 ChartHow far do we want to go? Our goal of $3,000.00 dollars helps with transport, repairs, a new shell, paints, lights, fluids, gas, and so much more! We’re almost there and and it’s all thanks to people like you!

So whats next? It’s time to get to work!

June Work Day Schedule

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
De-Stash & Work Day
Father’s Day
16 17 18 19 20 21
PartySnail Work Day
23 24 25 26 27 28
PartySnail Work Day
PartySnail Work Day

We have a task list of items of all skill levels. Everyone that comes can help out. You might even learn something new!

Again, Thank You for all your support and help. This Mutant Vehicle would never have been as successful if it was not for all the work of the entire community at large.

Look forward to seeing you!

The Bacon Wrapped BBQ PartySnail FUNraiser

What: The Bacon Wrapped BBQ PartySnail FUNraiser
When: Saturday June 7th 2:00 PM
Where: Lucky Linda’s house, Santa Clara, CA
PartySnail Stencil 01
You’ve been waiting for this event and now it’s here! Come out for a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, swimming, hot tub’n, and some afternoon fun in the sun! These premium bacon wrapped hot dogs are available to all those who make donations toward the PartySnail! Already made a donation?? You’re still welcome to come out and get one as thanks!
This event precedes the Silicon Village Camp Meeting and is at the same location. Friends of friends are welcome to attend the BBQ. So if you’re attending the SV Meeting, you’re already there!
Please be mindful that this is a private home and a Leave No Trace event. Bring towels if you plan to swim.
Remember: special copies of the book, Strangers Have the Best Candy, are directly available to Villagers, and the proceeds go to the Snail. Can’t make it out? You can help the Snail by ordering a copy! Here’s the link: Party Snail BENEFIT – Strangers Have the Best Candy. The book’s on Amazon, but these copies will be mailed directly from the author, with autograph, and original doodle.

All of the Feels!

I am, each year, reminded of all the ways people are great. As we work on collecting donations to help repair, improve, and transport the PartySnail, people come forward asking when work days will be, making cash donations, and offering support in so many ways.

It’s really wonderful to see all the people of our community come together. Thank you for support! Thank you for your help! Thank you for making this happen!

January Planning Meeting Notes

This last Saturday, we had a great planning meeting. I am excited to work and bring the PartySnail back to Burning Man for 2014! I hope you’re just as excited to help get it there and see it there!

This year we plan to bring the PartySnail back to the Bay Area for repairs and general Tender Loving Care. If you want to help out, keep your weekends open after April. Looking forward to also having some “Fun”draisers so we can get the supplies we need to make repairs and to cover transportation costs. Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs r’a’coming!

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Happy Holidays from the PartySnail

As we steer toward the close of 2013, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the year. For the PartySnail, there are a few notable moments throughout the year. The burn in 2013 was another great year. It was also the last burn for one of our owners.

We had some stow-a-ways again this year when the PartySnail arrived on playa. Paper wasps had found their way into a few spots. This was difficult to deal with on playa and it had to be done. Unpacking everything, we also found that a large rip had been created in the white shell material. It was clear that a new shell must be arranged.

Assembly went quick and it’s always great to help from friends both old and new. The new LED Driving lights were a great improvement. The dance floor covering did not weather well and was unable to be used. A large rip was also found in the shell. Outside of this, we had few problems and a few nice additions.

As the new year approaches, we also will look back on the years past with our friend MacGyver. How do you celebrate someone? By doing all the things they loved with as much energy as you can! I hope he will look down on the PartySnail in 2014 and cheer us on.

A Snailing we will go…

“Happy snailing to all!” – Tripod

Our little PartySnail sits, waiting, for us to come and prep it for Burning Man. We need to check it’s tires, fluids, and lights. We hope she was not too cold out in Reno this winter.

I know a lot of you have asked about helping and when help can be participated in. I think many of you can understand that life has been rather full for so many of us this year. We all want to make the best of it. Between moving, finding jobs, preparing, and getting the job done we find ourselves a little over a month away from the burn.

So, to the point! How can you help?

1. Send Money!

Why? So we can buy gas, fluids, and lights. We also have paid through for storage. We will need to arrange for our driver to get the snail to the event and get the snail around. If you want to donate gas on playa, please let me know ahead of time so I can keep a tally.

2. Head out out to Reno!

When? Any time you might be able to. We need to head out to Reno and I can’t go. The other owners may have some time to go, yet I am have weekend work I have to stick around town for right now. The snail needs to be checked on, started up, cleaned where it can be, organized, and prepped for the ride into the burn. If you can carpool out to Reno and want to help out, let me know.

3. Help construct/take down the PartySnail on playa.

Lots of hands make light work and the Snail is no different. Most of it’s construction is pretty easy overall and there are just a few parts to put together. If you plan to be on playa pre-event or toward the end, you can help be a part of the build crew or take down crew.

So thanks to all of you have asked about how you can help and when we will be doing things. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I am so glad that this community help make the PartySnail possible and continues to do so!

Thanks for coming to the “FUN” Raiser!

Congratulations to Suzy, MacGuyver, Ed, Ready, Furry Chris, Glow Girl, and all the others who all won something in our FUN Raiser Raffle!!

A big thanks to Cowboy for bringing the Bedrock Racer, Stacy, & Spanky for staffing the bar, HOTD for loaning the Playatech bars, Ed as Masseuse, Katrina for 24hr support, the fire artists, and all those anonymous donors that flooded the PartySnail coffers with donations for the raffle, bacon wrapped Hot Dogs, and Pina Coladas!

That was a lot of fun and we raise just a little more than $1200.00. This will go toward storage, transport, gas, and lighting. We can’t do it with out the support and help of all the members of our community! The focus now is making it happen!